Brunella Battista

Artist Statement:


The way humans perceive reality is so subjective that we spend a great deal of time trying to express, in a variety of forms, what our point of view is.

I love life and all its details to such an extent that only 3D, only the full immersion in its colors and depths, can describe the thrill of life on earth. There is never a dull moment or a dull pebble. The wonderful details that are hidden, for us, all around us, are just waiting for the awe-struck beholder to notice them. No matter where I look, in the ever-changing river landscape, or to the immobile log, in the spider’s web or through the evening clouds, all I see is longing to be shared with a yet unconscious audience. Such beautiful and vibrant life is captured in my 3D photos in all its colors, subtleties, shapes, forms, relations, depth and distance, and so close to almost touch it, so real as to feel you are part of it.

By looking IN (rather than at) every picture, I afford the viewers the dream-like ability to get lost with every breath in the uncanny reality before them.


The focus of my work and my life has been on nature and culture for as long as I can remember. I feel a deep connection with all of nature and animals and I use my work to further conservation efforts and foster a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all species.

The line between my life and my art is purposefully blurred, as I strive to lead a mindfully creative life, where every gesture wants to be kind toward nature, every thought can affect change, every step is imbued with art, every day lived may be an example of love for the environment and all creations in it. I am grateful for my Italian roots but the Earth is my home and I translate that in my art, whether it’s video, poetry, photography, drawing, cooking or gardening. I also experiment with and relate to other cultures, grasping the essential commonality between people, the stories that make us human, and the teachings that can make us all better beings by using the tools of Understanding, Experiencing and Appreciation. In a Universe unbound, discovery in wonderment is the color of my art.

captain bru